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From the Desk of the Principal

Posted on June 12, 2014

UNIFORM 2014-2015


Upon consideration of the uniform policy changes recommended by Parents Club and approved by the School Commission, and upon receiving further input from the faculty, I have decided to implement the following uniform policy changes. This year we officially placed this in the hands of the Parent Club for decision with the approval of the School Commission. I believe the staff and the parents had a fair share of input into the decision making process and, in the end it was a collaborative effort. We processed the work and worked the process. This will have long term impact on our students so I consider it to be a part of our evolution into a strategic plan. The uniform policy for school year 2014-15 is as follows (changes to the current policy are underlined and highlighted):

  1. For perfect uniform in grades K-7, Shirts must be white knit, oxford style with a collar, or a turtleneck. Eighth graders may also wear navy blue shirts and turtlenecks. White camp shirts purchased at the uniform store are also allowed. In K-7, red knit, oxford style shirts with a collar purchased through the Lands’ End Uniform Store or Dennis Uniform may also be worn on non-perfect uniform days. Lace collars are not allowed. Shirts must have long or short sleeves, but no 3/4-length sleeves. Sleeves may not be rolled up. Shirts must be long enough to stay tucked into the student’s pants or skirt. Oversized, baggy, or excessively tight shirts may not be worn. Tee shirts worn under the uniform shirts must be plain white with no emblem, logo, or color.
  2. Red sweaters (cardigans/pullovers/vests purchased at uniform store) may be worn; Holy Rosary logo red sweatshirts purchased through Lands’ End Uniform Store may also be worn. 8th graders must wear Holy Rosary logo navy or Holy Rosary logo grey sweatshirts purchased through the Lands’ End Uniform Store. On perfect uniform days, students must wear proper uniform sweaters, sweatshirts or vests as defined in the policy. All school Mass days are perfect uniform days.

Annual Fund

The responses are coming in at a much faster rate than last year at this time. And I am very happy to report that almost everyone is increasing their level of support. If you have not had a chance to send in your pledge for 2014-2015, please do so right away. If you have any questions, feel free to call Kamila Kennedy . We really appreciate the cooperation of the parents in this massive effort. Your attention to matching funds from your companies has greatly enhanced our income. I extend a special thanks to those who are doing their pledging and paying online but still send in their pledge sheet to us. It helps us to keep track of the pledges and give proper credit. Remember names are placed in the Annual report in the giving categories that match up with responses to the drive as of the end of this June. For the Capital Campaign we will simply be listing names alphabetically for about five years until the campaign is done. Again, thank you for all of your support. I fully believe we will end up in the black this year, and that we will have collected enough money in our Centennial Capital Campaign to pay for the new windows in the school which we have listed as our first need in the campaign.


When we first drew up our calendar for next year, we had received the wrong date for the Archdiocesan In-Service for all staff next year. So, please note that we are in school on Friday, September 19, 2014 for only half a day. The all staff Archdiocesan In-Service will take place on Friday, October 3, 2014. There will be no school on that day.


2014-06-06-photo 2-thumbThe school presented a bench to Father John Madigan to honor the life and passing of his mother who died recently. The bench was built by one of our teachers ——- Mr. Mike Ritscher. A plaque will be placed on it saying, ” IN REMEMBRANCE OF MARGARET MADIGAN TO HONOR HER LIFE AND YOURS”. It is Father’s hope that people will take time to simply sit on it, rest and celebrate the beauty of God’s creation and wonder in the spirit of the moment.


2014-05-04-photo-11-thumbBrian McGaughey constructed the monument that has been placed on top of the time capsule. It identifies the location of the capsule and the year it should be opened. It is located at the base of the flagpole which is in the exact same spot that the previous one was buried 25 years ago. This one will be opened in 50 years. Regrettably, I am not able to schedule that event for myself. But I will be there in spirit.

- George


3rd Trimester Honor Roll

Posted on June 19, 2014

Congratulations for a job well done to the following junior high students!

8th Grade

High Honors Honors
Grace T. Haley W.
Jonathan V. Matthew L.
Brianna B.

7th Grade

High Honors Honors
Catherine E. Claire B.
Faith G. Jack S.
Chloe D. Emma D
Eli D. Hannah D.
Neve J. Mimi P.
Samantha S.
Stephanie W.
Leah M.
Savannah W.


Congratulations to the Class of 2014!

Posted on June 12, 2014

The Class of 2014
Veronica A. Caleb A. Christine B. Bradley B.
Brianna B. Steven C. Lauren C. Isabella C.
Kara C. Eamon D. Benjamin D. Maya F.
Yianna F. Matthew F. Nicholas G. Lily Frances G.
Cade H. Michael H. Dirke H. Lauren J.
Brendan K. Matthew L. Parker L. Devante L.
Kaitlin L. Zoe M. Bridget M. Taylor N.
Olivia N. Kenneth O. Cameron P. Bradley P.
Olivia P. Alexandra P. Sara R. Hayley R.
Maxwell R. Henry R. Fiona S. Reece S.
Jazmyn S. Elijah S. Luke S. Brendan S.
Grace T. Jonathan V. Richie W. Haley W.
Frances W. Jaxon W. Corey Long Z.

Where They’re Going

High School No.
Kennedy Catholic High School 20
Holy Names Academy 10
Seattle Preparatory School 9
Bishop Blanchet High School 7
O’Dea High School 1
West Seattle High School 1
Chief Sealth High School 1
Raisbeck Aviation High School 1
Out-of-State 2

Congratulations! Good luck and may you always all be in God’s grace in all your future endeavors!


Congratulations to the Kindergarten Class of 2014!

Posted on June 12, 2014

2014-06-10-photo 1-thumb
The Kindergarten Class of 2014
Madelyn A. Elena A. Lane A. Riley A.
Isabella B. London B. Joseph B. Nicholas B.
James B. Luke B. Vincent B. Connor B.
Zooey C. Samuel “Andre” C. Jaxon C. Anthony “AJ” C.
Anthony C. Felix C. Kaitlyn “Kallie” E. Griffin E.
Samuel F. Bedford “Ford” F. Cameron F. Anastazia G.
Luca G. Tanner G. Trey G. Margaret H.
Mia H. Franca I. Enzo K. Theadore K.
Blakely K. Aria K. Lillian L. Kaitlin M.
Natalia M. Alexander N. Roman N. Paula O.
Macy P. Luke P. Landon P. Francesca R.
Siobhan S. Saeyoung S. Sadie S. Carson S.
Melia W. Natalie Y.


Summer Challenges

Summer Math Challenge

Summer_Math_Challenge_LogoSummer is all about fun and relaxation. It is a time to spend time with family and friends and recharge between school years. We hope that you can find some time for math this summer, too!


  • Keep your skills sharp over the summer.
  • Start the new school year with confidence!
  • Feel prepared for our October standardized testing.


  • Cloudy mornings when you have nothing to do.
  • Afternoons when you’re tired from being down at Alki all morning.
  • Long car trips or plane rides.
  • Warm evenings on your deck.


(More information about each of these resources below.)


  • Students can keep track of their math minutes and totals on the calendar included. This will be due back in the first Friday of the school year.
  • Students who do a total of 15 hours of math over the summer will get a prize! This is about 90 minutes per week.
  • Download the Summer Math Challenge Calendar (PDF).


  • An ice cream social during the school day! Students will get ice cream, will get to play games, and will get to socialize with friends.
  • The top math students who do the most math over the summer will get an extra special unique prize! We will announce this prize in the fall. It’ll be a fun one!

Information about the resources:

  • Math skills workbooks: These can be found online Amazon.com or at Barnes and Noble. One suggestion is Summer Bridge Math. These books are to help students “bridge” the summer gap between grade levels.” Another suggestion is the SPECTRUM books. I suggest parents buy the workbook from this year’s grade, not next.
  • MyMath website: This is nice because it is FREE, and students are already comfortable with the website. This can be used by any K-6th grade student. There are a ton of resources and activities for students. One of my favorites is the spiral review tests (under CHECK) at the end of each chapter. These are nice for students because they get immediate results after they submit the tests. The Facts Dash are also a nice way for students to practice fast facts! Finally, there are self-check quizzes for EVERY lesson in the entire book. Again, these give immediate results upon completion.
  • Glencoe.com: This is available for all 7th and 8th grade students. No login is required. There are a lot of helpful options for students including vocabulary reviews for every chapter, self-check quizzes for every lesson, and chapter tests.
  • TenMarks.com: This is a free summer math program offered by Amazon that customizes the curriculum for the exact needs of every student. Designed for the depth and rigor of the new math standards (CCSS and States), every TenMarks assignment ensures students build a strong conceptual foundation, improve problem-solving skills, and gain math confidence.
    • Go to tenmarks.com to sign up. Parents can sign up multiple children. The summer access code is: S14ASD2348. (This is not needed in order to sign up.) There will be a diagnostic assessment to help create a curriculum that will meet your child’s needs. The assessment will be automatically graded and TenMarks will create a personalized program, designed for your child to prepare for the upcoming school year.
  • Flash cards: These can be purchased at any learning store and are a good way for students to keep their facts at recall.
  • Math apps: Here are a list of math applications that have been compiled by the teachers. Feel free to check these out or search one for the needs of your child.

We are looking forward to hearing about the students’ math learning this summer! ☺

- Mrs. Heuer and the Holy Rosary math teachers


Summer Reading Challenge For All Students, Parents & Staff

Posted on June 12, 2014

HRS values literacy. Summer reading is essential to sustain and bolster the growth in reading that occurred during this school year. One suggested reading activity is participation in the Summer Reading Challenge. About 15 years ago the entire community was challenged to read for 15 minutes each day during summer vacation. Those who were successful were invited to a pancake breakfast. The challenge has remained the same while the number of breakfast participants has tripled. Mrs. Harris has the dream that one morning, all the classrooms are empty because everyone met the challenge and all the students are eating their pancakes.

Each student will receive a summer reading calendar in their report cards. Use this link to print out another calendar if you need one. Parents are encouraged to keep track of their reading time and the adults will have their own celebration. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Harris.


WestFest 2014

Posted on June 12, 2014


We will have the volunteer set up line ready the first week of school. Be sure to check out the WestFest website for our exciting new link.



Annual Fund 2013-14: Update!

Posted on June 12, 2014

  • July 1st - June 30 - which means we are “wrapping up the 2013 annual fund drive.”
  • We have $191,000 in payments (plus a couple of corporate matches on the way) to the current year annual fund. Thank you so much!
  • The goal: $200,000 (we are so close!)
  • If you pledged to the Annual Fund in April, but still need to make a payment, please let us know.
  • We have 42 outstanding payments to pledges.

Participation is very important. Anything helps!

If you have any question, please contact Kamila Kennedy .


Annual Fund 2014-2015

Posted on June 12, 2014

AnnualFundThermometer-thumbDid you receive a letter regarding the new school year annual fund?

Please send your pledge forms back as soon as possible. Responses to the annual for the new school year have started to arrive.

We realize this is a very busy time of the year…But we have already received 33 responses for a total of $21,654.00 in pledges. We also have $2,360.00 in matching funds.

Fill out a pledge form and send it back to Holy Rosary. Even if you pay or schedule online, your pledge form will help us for tracking our progress. For further information please read the Annual Fund 101 or contact the Development Director.


The Magazine Drive Has A New Chair!

Posted on June 12, 2014

Magazines100x110Please welcome Adrianela Aldrey, mother of Elena D., for stepping up to lead the magazine drive. Adrianela has been part of the team for a couple of years and has volunteered to take a bigger role. Thank you!

Also, we are thrilled to have Tony Rosario as our Decoration and Assemblies chair. If you would like to help Tony and his team please let us know. And last but not least, we are excited to announce that Holly Christenson will be in charge of prizes.

The team for the drive is almost all set! Most past volunteers have agreed to return. Yeah!

Contact the Magazine Drive Team for more information!


Parents Club

Updated on June 16, 2014

Summary of White Paper Processing

The Parents Club has posted their summary of their White Paper Processing (PDF).

Thank you!

Thank you to all the families that came out to support our year end “wrap party” last Wednesday at Pecado Bueno! It was a great way to end our Centennial year. We had 99 adults and 78 children join us and we enjoyed a gorgeous evening PLUS we raised over $1,350 for HRS! A big thank you to Pecado Bueno owner, James Schmidt, for the delicious food and giving back so generously to HRS. We kept 100% of the food ticket sales. Please support his business throughout the summer. Thank you to Brian McGaughey and the other boys in the band for our fabulous entertainment. They kept the groove going for us on the patio. We’d also like to thank 5th grade parent, Lori Draper and her company, Melt, for donating wonderful caramels for our raffles. We also received a generous raffle donation from 2nd and 6th grade parents, Mike and Maria Taylor’s Two Brothers Winery. They donated a bottle of their double gold award winning cabernet sauvignon! Check out their website and read more about this fabulous wine.

Please help Parents Club and our current kindergarten room parents celebrate Holy Rosary on July 19 at the Hi-Yu parade. We need help creating the float and volunteers to walk the parade route with the float! It’s going to be a fun experience for everyone!

We are looking for room parents for next year! Email if you are interested in taking on this important role.

We are also looking for a parent to take over the “Labels for Education” (or “Campbell’s) passive fundraising coordination in September. If you are interested, please contact .

Thank you again to the over 100 parents that took the time to respond to our survey last month on the final White Paper recommendations that Mr. Hofbauer asked us to process this year. Following are those specific results you can find a complete summary of all of the processing on our page.

  1. Development/Fundraising Budget Schedule through 2018/2019 School Year:

    • Yes 42%
    • No 32%
    • No Option 26%
  2. Increase office staff by .5 FTE.

    • Yes 59%
    • No 27%
    • No Option 14%
  3. Hire technology specialist for 2016/2017.

    • Yes 54%
    • No 34%
    • No Option 12%
  4. Hire additional maintenance staff for 2015/2016

    • Yes 59%
    • No 20%
    • No Option 21%
  5. Hire bookkeeper for the school for 2016/2017.

    • Yes 57%
    • No 22%
    • No Option 21%
  6. Hire secretary for school to collect all receivables and write checks for payables.

    • Yes 53%
    • No 26%
    • No Option 21%
  7. Hire fulltime counselor for 2015/2016 school year.

    • Yes 45%
    • No 38%
    • No Option 17%

The uniform refresh has been finalized! As noted by Principal Hofbauer, students in K-7 may wear an optional red polo or turtleneck shirt (must be purchased from Land’s End or Dennis Uniform ONLY) on non-perfect uniform days. We have also updated certain styles of the MacBeth plaid sold through Dennis Uniform for grades K-6 as well a navy skirt/skort for grades 7 and 8.

Another change for the upcoming year is the 8th grade sweatshirts (navy and grey) MUST be purchased through Lands’ End (just like the red sweatshirts) AND have the approved HRS logo. Our 8th graders are such important ambassadors of HRS and proudly having the school logo on all student outerwear not only increases our sense of community but also the awareness of our wonderful school in the broader Seattle community.

Watch for sales throughout the summer to save on our approved uniform options at both Dennis Uniform and Lands’ End.

Thank you again for sharing all of your time and talent with us and we hope everyone has a wonderful and safe summer!


Holy Rosary Golf Tournament

Posted on May 29, 2014

HR Golf TournamentPlease join us for the 13th Annual Holy Rosary Golf Tournament to benefit the Father James Mallahan Endowment Fund on September 6th, 2014. We will have a great day of golf at the West Seattle Municipal Golf Course. The event will include a 4-person scramble, lunch and awards receptions following the golf. Last year we raised over $10,000 for the Fr. Mallahan Endowment Fund. The golf tournament is the primary driver of revenue for this worthwhile cause. Learn more about the fund by clicking here!

Book today by clicking this link! There is an early bird discount for anyone registering before 6/15!

We are always looking for new sponsors. Contact the Golf Committee for more information.


Hi-Yu Parade

Posted on May 29, 2014

Come one, come all to the West Seattle Grand parade! Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 19th. Please help us reinvigorate our Holy Rosary School spirit and show our West Seattle community how fantastic our school is. We need ALL HRS families to make that happen! Details are still being worked out, so if you have a great idea - let us know! Parents helping put things together and participating in the parade will receive COMMITMENT HOURS for this fun event! Get a head start on your hours for next school year! More details will be sent out as they become available, but if you have any questions, or any parade or float building interest or expertise, please let us know. We also need some items donated - do you have a truck and/or trailer that could be used? Please email or .


1% Receipt Program with Thriftway‬‬

Posted on May 29, 2014

As we are getting close to the end of this school year, please drop off all your Thriftway receipts in the office ASAP and don’t let them go wasted.

If you have any questions, please contact . Thank you for all your support.


News from the Band!

Posted on May 22, 2014

trumpetIs it possible to have fun and learn? OF COURSE! Is it possible to have that kind of fun in summer? ABSOLUTELY! HOW???

Kennedy Catholic Elementary Summer Band Camp!!
July 7-11th from 12:15 - 2p.m.

Forms have been handed out to all band members or you may visit our website.

Questions? Contact Miss McKamey 206 - 246-0500/ext. 370 Deadline is June 13th!

A week of music…where fun and learning come together! It doesn’t get any better!


Parish News

Coffee & Donuts

Posted on May 29, 2014

Coffee & Donuts has a new sign up site. If you and your family enjoy attending C&D after Sunday mass, we encourage you to keep the program alive by volunteering some of your own time.

The new mass schedule simplifies things: attend 8:30 mass and help out at C&D afterwards or help at C&D at 8:30 and then attend 10:30 mass.

We are using the web site “Sign Up Genius”. Use this link to access the site, sign up with your e-mail address and create a password (perhaps “coffee”?) and then choose the Sunday(s) where you want to help out. It is an easy system and we already have some parish families signed up. C&D hosting can be used for general service hours.

C&D is moving to the Parish Center Patio and Reception room for the summer months, beginning June 8th.

The church provides all the supplies and food and our C&D heroine, Melissa Shilipetar, goes to Safeway every Sunday morning to pick up the donuts, make the coffee and show you how to do the set up.

Questions?? Contact .


Summer CLOW

Posted on May 22, 2014

Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW)—Continuing over the Summer

We have heard from many families who would like to see CLOW continued on Sundays at the 10:30AM Mass time over the summer. CLOW is for all preschool thru 3rd grade children who are dismissed from Mass to receive the Liturgy of the Word at an age appropriate level. We have a great group of volunteers but need to expand in order to accommodate summer vacations and schedules. You do not need to be a teacher but just have a love of God’s word.


Volunteer Opportunities in Children Ministries

Posted on May 22, 2014

Attend Sunday morning Mass? Like to get volunteer hours and attend Church in the same outing? Like working with children? Have your children every used the Nursery or attended CLOW before? Appreciate our Nursery and CLOW being available to young families?

If you answered “yes” to just one of these questions, you would be a perfect fit for volunteering for Children’s Ministries. We are looking for volunteers to help us with the following duties:

  • 8:30AM or 10:30AM Masses Nursery Door Greeter—arrive 15 minutes prior to Mass starting (either 8:15 or 10:15). Answer Nursery door, help parents sign in for Nursery, then attend Mass. Nursery Room Volunteer-We always welcome Holy Rosary Students 7th grade and older who have attended the school SEP training to assist in the Nursery and play with children.
  • Sunday, 10:30AM Mass CLOW Assistants—Walk over with children to Parish Center during Liturgy of the Word. Assist Teacher and then return to Mass for Eucharist.
  • CLOW Teachers—We appreciate anyone coming to share the Mass readings with our children. Materials are provided.
  • CLOW Safety—Help children safely cross the street to the Parish Center for CLOW, return to Mass and then after Homily help them return to Mass.

If you are interested or have any questions regarding volunteering for CLOW or Nursery, please contact .


CYO News

Adult Gator Gear

Posted on June 12, 2014

Men’s jackets now available too. Please note the men’s jacket is not hooded, and does not have thumb-holes.

Please have your orders in by Friday.

Please return your order form to the office with checks payable to Norwest Graphics. All proceeds will benefit our CYO program. These jackets are available for adult purchase only and are not considered uniform pieces for students. Samples for fit available. Look for more exciting Gator Gear to come!

Questions? Contact: .


Registration for Fall 2014 CYO Soccer is now open!

Posted on June 12, 2014

Similar to last year, we’ll start open registration in May/June before everyone leaves for summer vacation. The open registration period for all grades continues NOW through September 2 for all grades. Any late registrations after this open registration period will be accepted on a space availability basis.

The fee is $60. If you would like to reuse your 2013 black and blue striped Holy Rosary jersey, you will receive a $15 discount off the registration cost.

The CYO organization at Holy Rosary offers the amazing opportunity for all K - 8th graders in the parish to:

  • Build school spirit by participating in organized sports with classmates and peers.
  • Represent our school and parish in friendly competition with other Seattle area parishes.
  • Develop new friendships while having fun and working towards a shared goal.
  • Become involved with CYO Sports and the Holy Rosary community (esp. for new Kindergarten families)
  • For those already playing organized soccer in the Fall, CYO can be:
  • A low pressure environment to refine skills or learn a new position in game-type settings.
  • An opportunity to play with friends that are otherwise on different teams/leagues.

We had an amazing turnout last year. Let’s make 2014 an even bigger year for participation. We have a spot for everyone in Gator CYO sports.

COACHES NEEDED - Please consider offering your skills, experience, and leadership in service to coaching one of our teams. Not only are community service hours available, but volunteering provides great connection with the Holy Rosary families/larger community. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact , Soccer Coordinator for Holy Rosary.


Cross Country

Posted on May 29, 2014

Attention HRS Cross Country fans! Get ready to sign up this month for a fun, fast paced sport in the fall!

  • We will meet weekly from 4-5pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning in September in the South parking lot at Lincoln Park and run grouped by class.
  • There will be 3 meets on Sundays in September and October at Woodland Park.

It doesn’t matter if your child likes to run fast or slow, we want everyone to come and be active!

Registration is only $20 if you can reuse a shirt from last year and $30 if you need to buy a shirt this year.

We need assistant coaches…please contact Charise with any questions.

Coach and Player Registration:


For Questions, please email our Cross Country Coordinator, .


Community Notices


QST Tennis Camp

Posted on May 29, 2014

Sign up for FUN tennis for beginners at Alki CC or High Point CC this summer. Program is intended for beginning youths ages 7-10 years old with no to little playing experience. Kids play with smaller rackets, on smaller courts, use low pressure and foam balls and have a blast with FUN games and EXCITING drills. The 8 week program runs June 23rd through August 13th. Practices are Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 6-7pm for 7-8 year olds and 7-8pm for 9-10 year olds. There will be matches towards the end of July. The summer tennis team program concludes on Wednesday, August 13th with a FUN PLAY DAY at Tennis Center Sand Point with fun games, prizes, t-shirts, pizza, and TENNIS!




Free Microsoft & Apple Summer Camps For Children

Posted on May 15, 2014

The Microsoft Store and the Apple Store are both offering summer camps and learning events for children this summer. Microsoft Youthspark information can be found here and offers a variety of classes throughout the summer: http://content.microsoftstore.com/en-us/detail/universityvillage and Apple Camp info can be found here. Both are held at the University Village locations.


More Summer Camp Listings

Posted on May 29, 2014

You can find more past summer camp listings on this page.


Note: For other school forms and downloads, please check the Forms and Downloads page .